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anqilan456 Philip Rivers can attest to the extent to which mut 23

Tyler Bray, Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

Concerns about character have brought to a higher level when it comes to Madden NFL 23 squads following recent events in the last few offseasons. Tyler Bray went undrafted because of issues with his maturity. He could have been in the right place. New Chiefs director Andy Reid has proven to be a great mentor to players who have had trouble throughout his time in the league. Bray's physical skills are impressive however he has to mature to make the Chiefs roster. If he isn't able to stay as the team's third quarterback It will say much about his character.

Da'Rick Rogers, Wide Receiver, Buffalo Bills

Another amazing talent that went out of the game due to off-field issues include wide receiver Da'Rick Rogers. Rogers was exiled from Tennessee for failing to pass drug tests, and also for hitting heads with the coaches. He's tall, quick and can play after the catch, however the Bills don't have a stake in him as an undrafted player. As a result, the Bills will have to walk through a tightrope and need to perform everything perfectly on the field in order to be a part of the team's roster.

D.J. Fluker, Offensive Tackle, San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers can attest to the extent to which the Chargers offensive line was struggling in 2012. First-round draft pick D.J. Fluker has every chance to make it to the starting line-up in one of football's weakest fronts. He's not the best fit for left tackle because of his feet that are heavy and he could even struggle at right tackle in the beginning of his career. He'll have the opportunity to play at a young age but will he be prepared for it?
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