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Gi Ebnf

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Since 25 May 2018 (after a two-year transitional period), the new basic data protection directive (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) is also applicable in Germany. The new EU law creates a uniform legal framework for data protection in the EU. The core of the GDPR is to give people back their sovereignty over their data.

Among other things, Article 20 paragraph 1 defines the right to data portability:

"The data subject shall have the right to receive the personal data concerning him or her, which he or she has provided to a controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit those data to another controller without hindrance from the controller to which the personal data have been provided [...] "

You are a subscriber of Apple Music and want to switch over to Spotify. You have defined several playlists containing your favorite songs and would like to exercise your right to data portability.

Import and export m3u playlists
Submitted by saxmaam on ?2012-11-13 11:07 AM
Subject says it all. I've put some work into playlists in Winamp and I want to get them into Spotify.
Updated on 2017-08-08
(Answer by Spotify almost 5 years later)
Hey everyone, thanks for bringing us your feedback on this. However we don't have any plans implement importing/ exporting features for our playlists. Should this change in the future we will let you all know here, but for now we're marking this as 'Not Right Now'.

3. Portability of Play Lists between Music Streaming Services ? PART 1 ? M3U

To implement the new legal requirements, Spotify has commissioned you with a data importer for M3U. Since M3U is a text format, you would like to create a grammar in EBNF (the acquisition of spotmysongs.com is too expensive now ?)

You start your work with the following M3U structure containing two songs for ?Sample Title? by ?Sample Artist? and ?Example Title? by ?Example Artist?:


#EXTINF:123, Sample artist - Sample title
C:\Documents and Settings\I\My Music\Sample.mp3

#EXTINF:321,Example Artist - Example title
C:\Documents and Settings\I\My Music\Greatest Hits\Example.ogg

123 and 321 are the lengths of the songs. Obviously, a playlist can contain many songs, minimum one song.

Another concrete example is:

#EXTINF:419,Alice in Chains - Rotten Apple
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_01_Rotten Apple.mp3
#EXTINF:260,Alice in Chains - Nutshell
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_02_Nutshell.mp3
#EXTINF:255,Alice in Chains - I Stay Away
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_03_I Stay Away.mp3
#EXTINF:256,Alice in Chains - No Excuses
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_04_No Excuses.mp3
#EXTINF:157,Alice in Chains - Whale And Wasp
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_05_Whale And Wasp.mp3
#EXTINF:263,Alice in Chains - Don't Follow
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_06_Don't Follow.mp3
#EXTINF:245,Alice in Chains - Swing On This
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_07_Swing On This.mp3

Question 3 ( 15 Points): EBNF ? M3U

You can create your EBNF grammar by reusing following variables:

TEXT (Sequence of Characters)

FILENAME (Address of files in the file system).

INTEGER (Number as defined in the lecture)



Expand the following EBNF fragment:

M3U =

Meine Ideen:
Leider habe ich keine Ideen. Ich weiß nicht wie der Ansatz bei dieser Aufgabe ist.
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Gi Ebnf

Wie eine EBNF-Grammatik bezüglich dem oberen Sachverhalt aussehen soll. Unter der Verwendung der genannten Variablen.

Beginnend mit:

M3U =
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